Study stays

The cultural heritage of local cities and towns is the main reason for making “study trips” to Tuscany. It is possible, however, to combine trips to Siena, Florence, San Gimignano and Pisa with study trips concerning farming and tourism. The consolidated image of Tuscany as an ancient land of art is combined with the possibility of finding out more about today's development models. We have matured this experience in collaboration with secondary schools and institutes of higher education, especially agricultural and tourism colleges. The stay is divided between visits to the farm, lessons and guided visits to the surrounding areas and meetings during which our direct experience can be used to develop the skills required to enter the job market. A programme of six days and five nights is shown below as an example. It is just an outline, of course, and it is possible to organise day-long study trips to other destinations that are not closely connected with agriculture or tourism. These include: - “Larderello Geothermal Museum”, the only example in Italy of geysers harnessed to produce clean electricity; - “The hermitage of San Galgano and the sword in the stone”, a blend of science and legend; - “Florence Museum of Mathematics” featuring practical applications of mathematical concepts; - “Leonardo's house and museum” in Vinci; - “Boccaccio's house and museum” in Certaldo. Activities: - Day 1: arrival, check-in and dinner. Arrival by 7.00 p.m.. Dinner at 8.00 p.m.. - Day 2: “winemaking”: visit to the winery and explanation of the various production phases. - Day 3: “the concept of complementarity”; the importance of the farm for farm holiday centres; structural organisation: visit to the farm and lesson on the day's topics. - Day 4: “ the territory” morning: horse-riding; guided visit of San Gimignano - Day 5: “the land of Siena” morning: free and journey to Siena; afternoon: packed lunch prepared by the farm and guided visit of Siena at 2.45 p.m.. - Day 6: Departure by 9.30 a.m.. please contact us for availability and prices: (e-mail)